Sunday, January 28, 2018


Friday was a good day! I went to work and it was an unusually busy day. There were events taking place throughout the day, the students had lots of energy and excitement was in the air. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought it was a full moon! At two o'clock, we had a special visitor. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (who I greatly admire for being a voice for my community) came to our school to read a special book. With her was the President of our School Board, Author and Civil Rights Attorney, Van White, who wrote a book titled Heroes. The Congresswoman would be reading the book to a group of fourth graders from the Boys' Academy. Among those students were the kids that have been participating in the LINKS Program. The book spoke about the heroes in our lives, everyday people that can make a difference. It also gave examples of what is NOT a hero... good point. The kids loved it. As the Congresswoman read to the children, they asked questions and made connections. Many of them spoke about who their heroes are; their moms, dads, teachers, the principal. I looked on, thinking to myself that some of these young boys are heroes themselves. Some have little support at home and still manage to excel at school. They are kind and caring and they give us a reason to go to work everyday.

After the reading, and after the students, other teachers and administrators said their thank yous and good byes, I expressed my appreciation to our visitors for sharing their time and the wonderful reading of the book. We talked for a little while. I mentioned the LINKS Program because I am so proud of our progress. The Social Worker, my partner, who has been instrumental in getting this program off to a great start, was there as we discussed the dreams we have for our little group. Then we turned to the topic of incarceration and my husband; how he's been locked up for 24 years, etc. I hear myself talk about this experience and I still can't believe that I'm sharing such painful details of my life with other people. It's like I have nothing to lose because I've already lost so much time, I can only gain from here on. I am a believer in putting out to the universe what you want to receive... so I'm putting my husband out there, I should be receiving him soon :)  Van made the comment that I am my husband's hero and I replied that he is mine.

The book got me thinking about the heroes in my own life; my kids, who have endured single parenthood. My eight year old son, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the tender age of three. Who learned very quickly that, in order to live, he'd have to get poked dozens of times each day. He manages to still be as normal a kid as any; happy and energetic, funny, creative, smart, just like his dad... my little hero! Then there are the teenagers, my big girls. They help so much with the little ones, becoming that 'other adult' in the house. Those girls are selfless, talented, intelligent, mature, dedicated, my young lady heroes! Finally, the five year old, she makes me laugh so much. She is stubborn, shy, goofy, mean and sweet when she wants to be. That little girl has spunk and she's my Kindergarten hero.

So Friday ended as it started, busy. I was grateful for the opportunity to hear the reading of Heroes and for the conversation that followed. The next day, I wrote a letter to my husband. Soon he, too, will be reading all about my busy day and heroes.

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