Friday, March 16, 2018

Gray-The Poem

The following poem was written by my husband. I sent him a copy of the post I wrote by the same name. he was inspired to write this poem. He told me that when I wrote 'Gray' I captured how he felt, too. He even had some of his friends read it and they were moved because they identified with gray. I feel grateful to have been able to use a painful moment to inspire beauty. 
                                            by KMT

Is it possible to escape the feelings of a place

where the feelings of the place is captured on the face?
And all in this place pray
for the great escape from the gray. 
That sits in the middle of nowhere, 
near the border of hate and despair. 
The nearest town is don't care, 
which has a college populated with children in much fear. 
This is everyday in the gray; under incredible stress, 
we live in the mess, 
trying no to be infected by the gray is a test. 

Gray preparations, cause the gray got regulations. 

In the gray too much light isn't right, it's fight or flight
regardless of your decision, it's gray day and night. 
A gloomy reception, accepting you into the gray 
all color locked away. 
it's a thick gray fog that swallow us all 
inside and outside 
A gigantic gray wall. 

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