Thursday, September 28, 2017

Loss of privileges

Today is Wednesday. The last time I spoke with my husband was last Thursday. My 'wifey' senses were tingling. Something was not right. Last time we spoke he told me that Ben Stiller and his crew were in town, filming a movie based on the infamous escape. The prison was put on lock down and as a reward, everyone was given ice cream. "They treat us like kids," he complained. "But you still ate the ice cream?" I asked in my smart aleck voice. "Of course!" he replied. And that was that.

I was hoping maybe that movie was still being filmed, but knowing better than that, I made a phone call. A snarky sounding man asked me for his information and then replied "Well, he got himself a ticket and lost telephone and other privileges for 15 days, that's why you haven't heard from him!" I asked if he could still get visits and he said yes. I breathed a sigh of relief; I had just booked a hotel so I can go see him 10 days from now. I thanked the man and hung up. I was deflated, like I had been so many times before... the human balloon again! I felt sad and angry at the same time, mainly because I have no idea why he "got in trouble." So now I wait for a letter or until I can go see him and hear all about the tale of the ticket. It's usually for some crazy reason or something that hardly makes sense. Stay tuned to find out why he got a ticket.

If you are a parent and have ever received a phone call from school, one where you hear that your child has been naughty and doesn't get to go on that special field trip with his class, then in a tiny way, you may comprehend my feelings right now. The huge differences are that this is not my child, I cannot have a conversation with him to assess his feelings or even get his story (not immediately) and his time out involves the whole family. The field trip he was headed to was the possibility of re-gaining our Family Reunion Program (trailers), which we lost three years ago when he spoke at a religious service in Attica and was sent to the box. Now I am uncertain that he'll be considered. It just strikes me how he's been at this current facility for almost a year with no issues. The moment he's eligible for a "privilege," he gets a ticket. Hmmmm!

So, when he says, "they treat us like kids," I guess that includes me, too. My friend is grounded so I don't get to hear his voice until Mr. Officer says I can. And so it goes.

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