Saturday, August 26, 2017

Our Link to the Future

My last post was about children, particularly those affected by incarceration. On that note, I wanted to feature another poem written by my husband. It is part of a collection of spoken word poetry he calls 360 Degrees of Thought. Enjoy... 

K.A with our oldest in 1993
Our Children Are Our Link to the Future

Our children are our links to the future… I said, our children are our links to the future.

Small minds doing big time, for believing in fake prophets with slick lines. My truth shines. Do you really want this life of mine?

Jewels blind, but look fine blurring the vision of our children that fall behind. I know your kind, sucking blood is your profession; becoming wealthy at the price of our most prized possessions.

Check the lesson; the power that you have is the ability to captivate the youth, but instead of speaking truth, three minutes and some seconds free styling in a booth.

The damage you cause is having them cemented further in the concepts of mysteries. Which births a mentality of looking outside of we, I am for the answers that exist in I am we.

Who you be! Is that which becomes a virus in the minds of our children. Take hold of your past, make your future last, the last shall be the first, and the first shall be last.

Those beautiful black babies must be nurtured, respected, loved, educated and protected.

Our children are our links to the future… I said our children are our links to the future.

So let none violate the innocence and purity of the young.

Yes! They will see death, but teach them to understand it.
Yes! They will see sex, but teach them to respect it.

And the difference between lust and love. The intellect is what helps one transcend. Girls to women. Boys to men. No longer thinking from the waist down, but from the neck up. Developing the ability to hear the sound of a tree falling down in the motherland, time blows like the wind. Singing a sweet tune. Our children are our links to the future…

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